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MediaWidget is an easy to use iPod transfer utility designed to help you get your iPod contents off of any iPod and back into iTunes, or from your iTunes onto your iPod. MediaWidget is the quickest and easiest way to transfer all of your music, videos, photos, podcasts, and more from your iPod to your PC!

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Quick & Easy Media Transfers

Quickly and easily copy your iPod playlists, ratings, and more directly to iTunes. Transfer music and video from any iPod back onto any Windows-based computer. You can also transfer music and movies from your PC onto any iPod fast.

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Move Music & Videos Seamlessly Between PC and iPod

Transfer music and video from your old PC to your new PC, from your old iPod to your new iPod, or from your old iPod to your new PC. Transfer all of your content from your iPod back into iTunes in seconds flat.

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Share Your iPod Playlists and Movies

Easily share music and movies with your friends and coworkers. Move music or video from your PC onto your friend's iPod, or transfer songs or movies from your friend's iPod to your computer.


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"Your software is exactly what I have been looking for!" Barret, United Kingdom
"I love your program, it saved me big time from putting each CD back into my computer one at a time, which I contemplated doing on a random Sunday before finding you." Lisa, California, USA
"MediaWidget is great! I was looking for a tool that can write to and from the iPod, which 95% cannot do - but now my search is over - you did it. Competitor A is very buggy and as I said I can't stand Competitor B. Their copy protect crap is out of control and it always has a huge problem seeing the iPod. You guys have definitely made the tool that I've been after." Nelson, Singapore
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Use Your iPod On Multiple PCs

If you have music on different computers at work and at home, or you have a laptop computer and a desktop computer, you can use MediaWidget to move sync your iPod with multiple PCs.

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Backup & Restore Your iPod

Backup iPod music, photos, videos, Podcasts, playlists, games, song data, and any other file to your PC. If your iPod ever gets damaged, just a few simple mouse clicks will quickly restore your iPod's contents from the backup file.

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iPod Recover, Rescue, and Undelete

Have you ever had files mysteriously disappear from your iPod? Did an iTunes sync accidentally wipe your iPod clean? In just a single step you can totally rescue it. Recover music, videos and more from your iPod, and get them back onto your PC automatically.

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Free Updates

MediaWidget comes with free updates and free upgrades for one year, so you'll always have access to the latest and greatest features and functions.

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